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[Contract for employment at the Casper Holtshouser School House, Salisbury, North Carolina. (Asa Ribelin Papers, Rowan Public Library, Edith M. Clark History Room)]

Articles of an English School of four Months, in consideration by the undersigned…

[School Record Book (Asa Ribelin Papers, Rowan Public Library, Edith M. Clark History Room)]

Pages from the log in which attendence, tuition payments, and reasons for closing school was recorded.

[A page of math problems for the students to solve with a vocabulary word added at the bottom. (Asa Ribelin Papers, Rowan Public Library, Edith M. Clark History Room)]

What is the Interest on a Note dated July 4th 1830 & paid November the 25th…

[A page from an book of passages to be copied by the students to teach them penmanship as well as morals and ethics.(Rowan Public Library, Edith M. Clark History Room)]

Virtue and native honor, are above Fortune;=man kind;
Virtue is the chiefest…

[Two pages from a book of fortunes, the original of which was thought to be carried by Napolean Bonaparte. (Asa Ribelin Papers, Rowan Public Library, Edith M. Clark History Room).]

Innocent amusement or


You are love-sick,

[These examples are part of a larger collection of household tips and words of advice composed and recorded by Ribelin. (Rowan Public Library, Edith M. Clark History Room)]

How to make a candle burn all night:

To make a Candle Burn all night.…

A word game composed by Ribelin for his students to solve. Note: We would like this part of the exhibit to be interactive. If you can break the code, let us know and we will add your interpretation to this site. (Asa Ribelin's Papers, Rowan Public…

Reverend McCorkle, like other Presbyterian ministers of his day, supported the American Revolution, and opposed the rising of French "infidelity" (deism), and published sermons on this theme. Among his more famous texts was the Four Discourses, which…

[Fort Caswell, NC From James Frank (J.F.) Jordan to Georgia Jordan Letter describing training camp at Fort Caswell, N.C.]


Fort Caswell N.C.

Sep 15/1917

Dear Mother I will write a few lines to let you know that I am well and I am getting…

[Fort Caswell, NC Letter to James Frank (J.F.) Jordan's Grandmother, March 5, 1918 Letter discussing the war, home and sausage.]


Ft. J. Caswell NC

Mar 5 1918

Dear Grand Mother
I guess you will be supprised to here from me. I got a…

[Olympia, Washington From T.F. Safley to Georgia Jordan. Letter from Georgia's "cousin" describing his cross-country trip to Washington after visiting family in Rowan County, North Carolina.]

Olympia Wash Oct. 12th 1924. Cloudy Day
Well Dear…

[Letters of Jim Smith to Miss Delia S. Smith, his sister Jim Smith (b. 1835) was related to Georgia Jordan through her grandmother, Margaret Gibson and Margaret's first husband. Margaret remarried, and by her second husband had four children,…

[Letters of Jim Smith to Miss Delia S. Smith, his sister Jim Smith (b. 1835) was related to Georgia Jordan through her grandmother, Margaret Gibson and Margaret's first husband. Margaret remarried, and by her second husband had four children,…

Receipts of business interactions of the Jordan Family with Rowan County stores, between 1898 and 1916.

Receipt from Belk-Harry Company "The Cheapest Store on Earth."
This receipt is for a purchase by Mrs. Jordan for two items, possibly…

Rowan Public Library Edith M. Clark History Room

Georgia Jordan Collection MSS #9510 November 1995

Abstract: Letters, receipts, and miscellaneous documents related to the family life of Georgia Jordan, the Smith, Jordan, and Locke…

Mame (Mary Louisa) Gaskill McCubbins was legend in her own time, one of that rare breed of women in an ancient Southern town, who, with her impeccable background, dared to be different three-quarters of a century ago. The beauty of her coloring, the…

Mark Twain, Archibald Henderson (in the middle) and Mitchell Kennerley and daughter on the deck of the S.S. Minneapolis

Mark Twain and Archibald Henderson, taken at "Stormfield," near Redding, Connecticut

Held on the SS Minneapolis

It was on the SS Minneapolis that Archibald Henderson met Mark Twain, aboard to participate in the "concert" held to raise funds for The Seaman's Orphanage. This program featured Twain reading from his autobiography, as…

Wiley Lash was interviewed by Salisbury Post newswoman Rose Post over the course of a year in 1991. Lash and Post discussed his life, and how Salisbury and Rowan County had changed since the time that he was a boy. There are a number of references to…

Salisbury in the 1930s and 1940s

Knox_Tree Grids Sized for Omeka.jpg
The Knox Family Tree consists of 566 surnames and contains just over 3500 individual names.  An almost innumerable amount of people today could probably find an ancestor somewhere on this tree.  To search within or view a gridded image of the Knox…

A delivery crew places granite curbing on the street for installation.

A man operates a stone cutting machine.

This is a drawing of a testing machine.

Stone abrasion machine. Slide label reads: "50-100 gram pieces are given 10,000 revolutions in this mach."

This crew, using one of the larger machines, is preparing the surface of a city street for paving.  The city is likely one of the greater cities in the northeastern section of the United States.


Large paving stones are being set on Poydras Street in New Orleans, Louisiana. Poydras Street is the central corridor of the New Orleans business district.  Familiar landmarks such as the Superdome and the French Quarter are just minutes away. The…

A work crew laying Durax paving stones at 110 Wallabout Place, Brooklyn, New York in October of 1917. This location is in close proximity to the Brooklyn Naval Yard. Located in Wallabout Bay, off the East River, the Brooklyn Naval Yard was…

A crew works on laying Durax paving blocks. Notice the various tools that are being used.

A work crew and supervisors pose during a stone paving job.

A work crew stops for a photo being taken to demonstrate how straight new paving stones are being laid.

A work crew demonstrates how various tools are used to make straight rows of paving stones.

Notice the workers' coats hung over a fence and the small child observing from a window above.

Unknown location.

A work crew using their grout boxes.

A cement grout batch mixer in action. Appears to be Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn, New York. A different view of this location is shown on Kirchin021.

As they pave a newly laid street, a crew uses a Hassan patent grout mixer.

An asphalt mastic heater being used in paving a street.

This is a different view of the street work pictured in the slide named Kirchin011. Workers' jackets still hang on the fence.
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