Letter from T.F. Safley October 12, 1924



[Olympia, Washington From T.F. Safley to Georgia Jordan. Letter from Georgia's "cousin" describing his cross-country trip to Washington after visiting family in Rowan County, North Carolina.]

Olympia Wash Oct. 12th 1924. Cloudy Day
Well Dear Georgia - J. Jordan; & Family and Friends

This informs u that i arrived Home all O.K. and found all as well as usual. Brother J.H. & i had a very nice & Pleasant trip. We first visited an old war comrade of mine at Newport Tennessee, and other oldtime Friends. Then We went to Chattanooga Tennessee for 2 days & visited on Old Lookout mountain then we went on to JonesboroArkansas and visited with Our Sister Loucase and Her son James & Family found them all as well as usual then We went onto West Plains Missouria and Sisited with our Brother Aleck for 2 Days. We found Him So as to be up and around some But He was very week. His wife Mary was quite well they were sure very glad to See us come it was after 2 o clock in the morning, when we arrived at thair Home & we Did not tell Him about Brother William. Passing away until next morning after Breakfast. We felt that it would . Spoile His rest through night. when we Left them we were on to Kansas City, mo. then on to Denver Colorado: there we had to separate. J.H.S. went South to Ogden & via Sanfrancisco Cal and i went on through to Portland Oregon for a few Days found all well as usual thair then i came on home and u may know i was all most glad to get Back Home again feeling so well i have Been told by so many that i Look So much Better than i Did Before i Left Home for the Long Journey all the way from Coast-to-Coast or a cross the American Continent But few of my age that make Such long Trips. But if i keep my good Health. and Live i may again try a similar Trip again why not would u Blame me i think u would not. well Emma & irine. received your very kind & Welcome Letter. and they thank u for the Pictures u Sent. i Will probably have some other Pictures to send to u. Later on i sure Did enjoy every Day of that Lovely Long Trip and especiatly while i was with u and the Relatives and I Do hope some how i may meet Each one of them again; Well i can Honestly say i do Like my little Home out here in Olympia Better than ever since i made that Very Long Trip we have Pleasant Weather & Plenty of garden Truck and Lots of fine fruit The ground under the Late Trees is covered with fine good apples & Pear Fruit is so plentifull every one can have good Fruit just for Picking it up off of the ground and Still it retails high in the markets But farmers Do not get much for it when they take it to market. Our Dalias & other Flowers are and have Been very Pretty we have lots of young Turnip Some Cabbage and Lots of Punkins & Squash for Pies our Folks dried a lot of nice Prunes and gravenstien apple. I Bought very nice Silver Salmon a few Days ago i wish u had a peace of it. it is more than we need at one time it weighted 12 Lbs. they come around regular every week. at the Door in Season.

2 I got Home on the 3rd of Oct and i have Been to one gar. Post meeting and Womans Relief Corps meeting and to our Ladies Circle of the gar. meeting and they sure do-ask me very many gusstions and I have Promest to write up a sketch of the Trip So they can Publish it. But it would Be a very Long Pease if I should try to give a full Sketch of all I saw and heard while I was gon on the Trip East Well Since i left Home they have all most Finished the Big new Washington School Building they expect to have it ready to Be occupied after the School Holidays after Christmas it sure Does Show up fine from our Home: There is quite a good many good Buildings going up now in Olympia Well in all that long Trip & Did not See Even one accident where any one was hurt any way I never have seen any one hurt in all the Traveling that i have Done never was in a wreck or Bad accident never saw any one Killed or Drop Dead Since the Civil War. Tho i hear of People Being Killed Every Day and often Hear of People Droping Dead on the Street Well it Begins to feel like foul Weather is Coming on us we have had Some light Frost tho the Pumkin & Squash Vines are Killed yet. We have had Some cool Foggy mornings i found2 or 3 messes (?) of Little Corn and it was awfull Sweet. we had messes of Summer Squash, I Did not See many of my old war Comrads in Tennessee as So many have Died Since i Was Back thuir visiting 12 years ago. 3 had Died in the last few months. one old Comrade of our g.a.r. Post here Died while i was away; i have received a Package of chinKey-Pins: From cousin Frank. Safley near mocksville nc. i believe He was Cousin William Safleys Son, I want to Plant them to see them grow here. Julius H. and i visited our Lookout mountain and i got some Chestnut Burs and Some Hickory nuts and ackorns for Souveniors. Well this has been rather a Lone Some Day as Emma and i have Been at Home a lone most. of the Day. and it has Been so Cloudy all Day. But it has Been rather a good Lonesome Well it has Seemed quite a while since i left Salisbury i suppose Davie is still at work at his job But it is Probably not So warm now it was quite Lonesome on the Train for one after Brother Julius Left me until I arrived in Portland Oregon to my Relatives. Well Election Day is Drawing near u Should Be Sure to Be Registerd so that u can Be sure to Vote against Coolidge tel the boys & neighbors to Vote as they Pleas But Be Sure to Pleas to vote against. Coolidge as He is no Friend to Patriotism: is not a Friend to a Soldier Either. old or young. we want Him Vetoed Like He vetoed Pension Bills. Hes a Better Friend to wall street & the Japs than He is to Soldiers & Poor. widows or Poor People well fare i hope to Hear from u. People oftin so we all Send regards to all Emma was Pleased to get your Letter: She will writ u. T. F. Safley_

Envelope of T.F. Safley's letter


Safley, T.F.


October 12, 1924

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