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#9026 Asa Ribelin Collection

Asa Ribelin Collection

MSS #9026

January 1997

Abstract: Materials belonging to nineteenth-century Rowan County school teacher, Asa Ribelin, including copy books, an attendance log, etc.

Online catalog terms: Ribelin, Asa Education, Rowan County

Size: Less than one linear foot.

Provenance: Mrs. N. O. Ribelin and Herman Ribelin, Fall 1963.

Access: No restriction.

Copyright: Retained by the authors of items in these papers, or their descendants, as stipulated by United States copyright law.


Materials related to nineteenth-century Rowan County schoolteacher, Asa Ribelin. Ribelin appears to have been empoyed as a schoolteacher by local parents as early as 1830. Included in the collection are the contracts stipulating the terms under which he was to teach, an example of word problems presumably assigned to his students, samples of poetry, and a copy book. Of particular interest is the school record book from the 1830s that shows the attendance of particular students (by the parent's name). Since Ribelin appears to have been paid by attendance, this could have been the record he kept for his payment.

Other materials include vote totals from 1838-1852; a request for Jacob Ribelin to appear at a militia muster; and a folder of remedies, cures, and other similar information such as the proper way to detect a witch, along with some information concerning Ribelin's estate.

Folder List

Folder 1. School Contracts [1830, 1837]

Folder 2. School Record Book

Folder 3. Word Problems

Folder 4. Poetry

Folder 5. Copy Book [1877]

Folder 6. Heiroglyphical Fortuneteller

Folder 7. Vote totals, 1838-1852

Folder 8. Remedies, cures, witch detection, etc.

Folder 9. Code Book [?]

Folder 10. Jacob and Rosey Rively Letter

Folder 11. State Militia

Folder 12. Deeds

Folder 13. Birth, Death dates

Folder 14. Estate Information [1881]