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#9512 Peggy Wilburn Collection

Peggy Wilburn Collection

MSS #9512


December 1995

Abstract:         Genealogical Materials related to the Sloop, Odell, and Peeler families along                      with related lines: Correll, Kluttz, Rufty, Patterson, Woods, Boudoin,                 Craven, Julian, Bost, Epting, Goodnight, Holhouser, Melchor, Wertz,                Wilburn and Workman.  Includes family group sheets, pedigree charts,                   family Bible information, and marriage records, etc. 


Online catalog terms:

                        Bost Family

                        Boudoin Family

                        Correll Family

                        Craven Family

                        Epting Family

                        Julian Family

                        Holhouser Family

                        Kluttz Family

                        Melchor Family

                        Odell Family

                        Peeler Family

                        Rufty Family

                        Sloop Family

                        Wertz Family

                        Wilburn Family

                        Wilburn, Peggy Sloop

                        Workman Family


Size:  Less than one linear foot. 


Provenance:  Gift of  Peggy Sloop Wilburn

                                4301 South Atlantic

                                 Unit 507

                                 New Smyrna Beach, Florida


Access:  No restriction.


Copyright:       Retained by the authors of items in these papers, or their descendants, as                stipulated by United States copyright law.



This entire collection consists of genealogical materials compiled by Peggy Sloop Wilburn, originally of Rowan County, N.C.  It consists of photocopied newspaper clippings, descendancy charts, pedigree charts, photographs, and family group sheets.  These materials were copied from Ms. Wilburns's personal collection of family research materials and all deal with her direct family line and a few related lines.  Her copies of deeds and various pages from different indices and genealogical reference tools were not copied and placed in this collection.


Series Descriptions

Series I. Sloop family materials

            Arrangement:  familial


            Genealogical materials of the Sloop family with Correll, Patterson, Kluttz, Wilburn, Rufty, Sapp, Sharpe and Woods related lines.  Different family groups are identified by the father of the individual families. The miscellaneous Sloop file contains Ms. Wilburn's Daughters of the American Revolution application, Sloop family reunion materials, and two photocopied letters written by Herbert C. Peeler to his sister Grace Sloop in Salisbury, NC during 1964 telling of his illness and a little of his life in Key West, Florida.  There is also a letter from a hospital administrator following his death.


Folder List:

            Folder 1.  Sloop, Charles Augustus Washingon

            Folder 2.  Sloop, Conrad

            Folder 3.  Sloop, John Sr.

            Folder 4.  Sloop, John Jr. (Squire)

            Folder 5.  Sloop, John A.

            Folder 6.  Corell

            Folder 7.  Kluttz-Rufty

            Folder 8. Patterson-Woods

            Folder 9. Sharpe-Sapp

            Folder 10. Wilburn

            Folder 11. Miscellaneous       


Series II. Odell family materials

            Arrangement: familial


            Genealogical materials of the Odell family with Boudoin, Craven, and Julian related lines.  There is also a folder listed "Sixth and Seventh generation."  This folder gives brief biographical information about the children and grandchildren of John Laban and Mary G. Odell.


Folder List:

            Folder 12.  General

            Folder 13.  "Sixth and Seventh Generation"

            Folder 14. Odell, Isaac

            Folder 15. Odell, James Alexander

            Folder 16. Odell, John

            Folder 17. Odell, Laban

            Folder 18. Odell, Nehemiah

            Folder 19. Boudoin

            Folder 20. Craven

            Folder 21. Julian


Series  III. Peeler family materials

            Arrangement: familial


            Genealogical materials of the Peeler family with Bost, Epting, Goodnight, Holshouser, Melchor, Wertz, and Workman, related lines.


Folder List: 

            Folder 22. General

            Folder 23.  Peeler, Henry P.

            Folder 24.  Peeler, Lawson J.

            Folder 25.  Peeler, Michel

            Folder 26.  Peeler, Thomas C.

            Folder 27.  Bost

            Folder 28.  Epting

            Folder 29.  Goodnight

            Folder 30.  Holshouser

            Folder 31.  Melchor

            Folder 32.  Wertz.

            Folder 33.  Workman