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#9011 Julia Goode Eagan Collection

Julia Goode Eagan Collection

MSS #9011

May 1995

Abstract: Drafts and clippings of newspaper articles written by Julia Goode Eagan (Jan. 17, 1892-Aug. 4, 1963), co-author of The Prophet of Zion Parnassus. These articles are primarily historical works concerning Rowan County N.C. and surrounding areas.

Online catalog terms: Blackmer, Sidney Eagan, Julia Goode 1888-1963 Depressions, 1929--North Carolina--Salisbury McCorkle, Samuel Eusebius, 1746-1811 Salisbury (N.C.)--History Scott, Randolph, 1898-1987 Women journalists--North Carolina--Salisbury--History Women--North Carolina--Salisbury--Societies and Clubs

Size: Approximately one linear foot.

Provenance: Unknown. Given before 1995

Access: Scrapbooks may be used by staff permission only.

Copyright: Retained by the authors of items in these papers, or their descendants, as stipulated by United States copyright law.


Julia Goode Eagan (Jan. 17, 1892-Aug. 4, 1963), a native of Atlanta, Ga., graduated from Girl's High School and Mrs. Cherry's School for Girls in Atlanta. She later married Harry Eagan and moved to Salisbury, N.C. where she edited the Salisbury Post's Women's Page for five years during the 1920's. During the first year of the Great Depression she worked as the Director of WPA women's work in Rowan County, NC and was later made assistant area supervisor for the women's division of the WPA--a position that covered 18 North Carolina Counties. Beginning in 1937, she worked for Salisbury, N.C.'s employment office, first as an interviewer, then as manager of the local office. During her tenure as manager, the employment office in Salisbury grew in both its personnel and services. Eagan built upon its primary function of job placement, adding a counseling service that helped persons with special job problem such as the handicapped and the young and inexperienced, as well as the old person without work. She also instituted an aptitude testing program that was adopted at a number of local area schools and colleges. For most of her career, Eagan wrote freelance pieces for newspapers, primarily The Salisbury Post. These articles covered such topics as North Carolina natives and actors Sidney Blackmer and Randolph Scott; historical figures such as George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Peter Stuart Ney, James K. Polk, and John Branch; social issues such as vocational rehabilitation, care of crippled children, and government-supported transient shelters; and North Carolina literary figures, John V. A. Weaver, and Archibald Henderson. She also co-authored with J. F. Hurley The Prophet of Zion Parnassus, a biography of Samuel Eusebius McCorkle, minister at Thyatira Presbyterian Church in Salisbury, N.C. Julia Goode Eagan was highly active in community organizations, being a member of the National Society of Colonial Dames, the Traveler's Club, The Christian Reid Book Club, The Night Bridge Club, and was a former president of Salisbury's Altrusa Club. Julia Goode Eagan had one daughter, Mrs. Frank J. (Betty) Jordan of Eilbraham, Mass.

This collection primarily contains drafts and clippings of her newspaper articles. Also present are drafts and other materials concerning The Prophet of Zion Parnassus, two scrapbooks of World War I era clippings of war news, a few of Eagan's poems, and some skits written for women's club gatherings. Series I.

Articles: approximately 1920s-1950s

Arrangement: Alphabetical by title. Articles written by Eagan for newspapers. Some folders contain photocopies of newsclippings as well as drafts of the same works. Other files contain either one or the other.

Folder List:


Folder 1. "Archibald Henderson . . . World-Famous Carolinian"

Folder 2. ""Bicentennial Boxwood" [Maxwell Chambers]

Folder 3. "A Bird Bath for a Song"

Folder 4. "Carolina's Most Famous Gold Mine to Re-open" [Gold Hill, N.C.]

Folder 5. "Cherished Memories of a Gallant Era . . . Mr. Jimmy and Miss Molly Wrenn

Folder 6. ["Mary Louis Jackson Cooper"]

Folder 7. "Daniel Boone's Father Owned Much N.C. Land"

Folder 8. "Dean Van Landingham"

Folder 9. "December Plays Part in Early Atlanta History" [Atlanta, GA]

Folder 10. "An Easter Secret"

Folder 11. "French Town Honors Benjamin Franklin"

Folder 12. "Georgia Tech Player Now Hollywood Star" [Randolph Scott]

Folder 13. "George Washington's Birthday Gift to the Nation"

Folder 14. "Glimpses of Old Center Church in Iredell County"

Folder 15. "Graham Bible Preserved: Belonged to Father of First Rector of Washington and Lee University"

Folder 16. "Historic Relics and Heirlooms Displayed" [Elizabeth Maxwell Steele Chapter, D.A.R.]

Folder 17. "How Does Your Garden Grow?" [Mrs. C. L. Stewart of Ellis St., Salisbury, N.C.?]

Folder 18. "How W. S. Lee Went to College" [William States Lee]

Folder 19. "An Impression in Retrospect" [Edenton, N.C.]

Folder 20. "James Emman Kwegyir Aggrey, African Negro"

Folder 21. "John V. A. Weaver in London"

Folder 22. "Last Member of Florida Secession Convention Passes" [S. S. Alderman]

Folder 23. "Leaving Home: Ireland in America"

Folder 24. "Maryland First State to Foster Steam Transportation"

Folder 25. "Major Mertz"

Folder 26. "Nazareth Orphanage Has Enviable Record of Service"

Folder 27. "New Deal's Gift to Rowan County"

Folder 28. "New Era Seen by Smith College Graduate" [Fannie Wallace]

Folder 29. "News Notes of a Novice From the Democratic State Convention"

Folder 30. "A New Year's Message From the Social Editor"

Folder 31. "North Carolina Fortunate in Her Vocational Education"

Folder 32. "North Carolina to Have Close up of Randolph Scott"

Folder 33. "Notes for Theatre Article"

Folder 34. "Old Law Office of Archibald Henderson Restored"

Folder 35. "Orthopedic Hospital is doing Fine Work for Cripples"

Folder 36. "Peachtree Street in the Nineties" [Atlanta, Ga]

Folder 37. "Preventoria Restore Many Children to Health"

Folder 38. "Princeton Cmpus Life in the 18th Century"

Folder 39. "Recent Find of Letters to Imprisoned Union Soldiers" [Salisbury Prison]

Folder 40. "Richmond Pearson Hobson, Hero of Merrimac is Sixty Three This Month"

Folder 41. "Remarkable Health Project Carried Out in City Schools"

Folder 42. "The Salisbury Prison"

Folder 43. "Salisbury Bar Posesses Wealth in Heritage and Tradition"

Folder 44. "The Salisbury Woman's Club"

Folder 45. "Shakey Spooke Dinner"

Folder 46. "Site of James Knox Polk Original Ancestral Home Still in Posession of Knox Family

Folder 47. "Sketch of Osborne Giles Foard Plantation, Rowan County; Where Peter Stuart Ney Spent His Last Days"

Folder 48. "Sketch of Robert Reynolds"

Folder 49. "Sidney Blackmer Gives Mother Historic Home"

Folder 50. "Sketch of Walter H. Woodson, Democratic State Chairman, 1932"

Folder 51. "The South's Greatest Enigma, Peter Stuart Ney"

Folder 52. "Toast to Kiwanis"

Folder 53. "Transient Shelters, Hobo Hotels"

Folder 54. "Traveler's Club and Woman's Club"

Folder 55. "Vanishing Gardens of the Old South"

Folder 56. "Visit to the Home of Governor Branch Recalled" [John Branch]

Folder 57. "Washington and Lee University"

Folder 58. "What North Carolina is Doing for Crippled Children"

Folder 59. "Would You Like to Be a Part of The Foreign Service?" [Herschel V. Johnson]

Folder 60. "Yadkin River Bridge Called Trading Ford Bridge"

Series II. Other Writings

Approximately 1920s-1950s

This series contains Julia Goode Eagan's writings that were not printed in newspapers: her poetry, woman's club skits and various materials dealing with her book, The Prophet Of Zion-Parnassus.

Folder List:

Box 2.

Folder 61. Poetry

Folder 62. "The Traveler's Play" [dedicated to Sidney Blackmer]

Folder 63. "Kiwanis Exposed--By Eight Who Know"

Folder 64. "For Better For Worse"

Folder 65. "Amos and Andy"

Folder 66. "A.D. 2000!"

Folder 67. ["Historical Figures']

Folder 68. "The Prophet of Zion Parnassus"--drafts, and correspondence

Folder 69. "The Prophet of Zion Parnassus"--typed manuscript

Folder 70. "The Prophet of Zion Parnassus"--clippings

Series III. Scrapbook of Writings

Scrapbook of newspaper clippings of Julia Goode Eagan's writings. Some of these articles are duplicates of those items in the

Folder s. A photocopy of the scrapbook is available in Rowan Public Library's Edith M. Clark History Room for researcher's use. The original is to be used by permission only.

Scrapbook's Table of Contents:

Page 1. "House Beautiful" is Model Home Planned By Woman's Club

Page 2. "Washington Tablet Unveiled Here Today By D.A.R."

Page 3. "Dublin Woman Honored" [Julia Goode Eagan]

Page 3. "Twilight" a poem by Julia Goode Eagan

Page 3. "State Federated Clubs Award Trophies in Literature and Drama"

Page 4. "A New Year's Message From the Social Editor"

Page 4. "Mrs. Eagan's Personal Appeal"

Page 4. "Atlanta Women are Winning Fame"

Page 4. "Oldest Book Club Honors Sidney Blackmer"

Page 4. "Tablet to Commemorate Rowan Resolves"

Page 5. "Living Flag Dedicated to Senator Overman"

Page 5. "Letter to the Editor"

Page 6. "Sidney Blackmer Wins Fame in World of Make Believe"

Page 7. "Sidney Blackmer Gives Mother Historic Home"

Page 10. "Mrs. S. P. Cooper Ideal Home-Maker, Women's Leader"

Page 11. "Did '13' Unlock Door to Stage Success?" [Sidney Blackmer]

Page 12. "Salisbury Rich in Theatrical Tradition"

Page 14. "Peachtree in the Nineties" [Atlanta, Ga.]

Page 15. "Catawba Class Witnesses Marvel in the Skies When Leonids Make Their Rare Fireworks Display"

Page 16. "George Washington the Educator"

Page 18. "N.C. Fords Played Important Part in Early [History?]"

Page 19. "Cherished Memories of a Gallant Era Live in Persons of Beloved Couple Here"

Page 20. "Charlotte Diplomat Has Found Service Interesting" [Hirschel V. Johnson]

Page 22. "Historic Relics, Heirlooms Displayed by D. A. R."

Page 24. "Old Coleman Place in Rowan Recalls Days When Beloved Country Doctor Made His Rounds"

Page 25. "'Our Bob' Reynolds Comes Into National Political Prominence With Backing of Corful Past"

Page 26. "'Our Bob's World Tour in Ford Truck Recalled"

Page 28. "Archibald Henderson Famous; Not Dehumanized

Page 30. "Charlotte Native Son Becomes Literary Aristocrat" [John V. A. Weaver]

Page 32. "The New Era As Seen By Smith College Graduate" [Fannie Wallace]

Page 34. "Last Home of Peter Stuart Ney Stands Neglected"

Page 35. "Disabled For Life, Gold Hill Philosopher Defeats Fate With Implements of Smiling Courage" [Howard Ludwig]

Page 36. "Carolina's Most Famous Gold Mine to Reopen" [Gold Hill]

Page 38. "Salisbury Bar Possesses Wealth in Heritage and Tradition"

Page 40. "Where Grandfather Of James K. Polk Was Born" [Howard Knox Farm]

Page 41. "W[ashington] & L[ee] May Get Historic Bible"

Page 41. "Hobson Family Homestead in Davie"

Page 42. "Mitchell School at Misenheimer a Unique Project"

Page 43. "The Greatest Enigma of the Carolina's: Peter Stuart Ney"

Page 45. "Remarkable Health Project Carried Out in Salisbury Schools" [Ruth Pierce]

Page 46. "Salisbury Once Faed For Race Course"

Page 47. "Preventoria Restore Many Children to Health"

Page 48. "Camps Aiding In Fight On the Spread of T.B."

Page 49. "W.S. Lee As A Boy Built Dams in Pasture Branch"

Page 51. "Nazareth Orphanage Has Enviable Record"

Page 52. "Famous Old Law Office Is Restored"

Page 53. "Barium Springs Observes Its Golden Anniversary"

Page 54. "The New Deal's Gift to Rowan County"

Page 55. "Squire Boone: Man of Property"

Page 56. "Daniel Boone's Father Owned Much N.C. Land"

Page 57. "Uncle Remus Memorial Made Possible By Atlanta Woman"

Page 58. "Leo C. Wallace, Builder"

Page 59. "Atlanta's December Luck" [Atlanta, Ga.]

Page 61. "Centre Church One of Carolina's Historic Spots"

Page 63. "Glimpses of Old Centre Church in Iredell County"

Page 65. "Barium Springs Orphans' Home Celebrating Golden Anniversary of Humanitarian Service to State"

Page 67. "French Town Now Honors Benjamin Franklin"

Page 69. "Just What's Done In These U.S. 'Hobo Hotels'"

Page 71. "Miss Mamie White Scott Has Ancient Bible" [Washington and Lee College]

Page 72. "War-Time Letters Hidden 68 Years are Discovered"

Box 3.

Scrapbook #1

Series IV. WWI Scrapbooks

Two scrapbooks in great disrepair containing articles about World War I. They were apparently compiled by Julia Goode Eagan and contain news of international scope from major newspapers about major World War I figures and events.

Scrapbook #4

Scrapbook #5