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#9034 Miscellaneous Post Card Collection

Miscellaneous Post Card Collection

MSS #9034

May 1997

Abstract: Postcards primarily pertaining to early 20th-century Rowan County, North Carolina sites. Photos of most postcards were taken by Theo Buerbaum, a Salisbury, NC book store owner.

Online catalog terms:

Buerbaum, Theo

Rowan County--Pictoral works

Post cards--North Carolina--Rowan County

Size: Approximately one linear feet.

Provenance: Unknown. Probably from multiple sources.

Access: No restriction.

Copyright: Retained by the authors of items in these papers, or their descendants, as stipulated by United States copyright law. Introduction

A collection of postcards with views of Rowan County, NC sites and people as well as a few of other locales. Many of the postcards were produced by Theo Buerbaum, a native of Prussia and an owner of a Salisbury bookstore who recorded many Rowan County sites and people in the early twentieth century. Buerbaum arrived in Salisbury in 1876 and opened his store in 1879. He died in 1926.

Arrangement: The original set of postcards were arranged by subject type, as other cards arrive from the community, they are added to the collection in accession order.

Postcard List:

  1.  Mansion House Corner, 100 Years Ago [B]
  2.  Old Mansion House ("burnt down 1907")
  3.  Yadkin Hotel, Salisbury NC
  4.  The Grubb Building (under construction)
  5.  Main Street Looking North, Salisbury North Carolina
  6.  Empire Hotel [B]
  7.  Main Street, Salisbury, NC (shows fountain)
  8.  Main Street, Salisbury, NC (shows fountain) [B]
  9.  Hambley home, Salisbury, NC [B]
  10.  A.H. Boyden home [B]
  11.  First Presbyterian Church, Salisbury, NC
  12.  Baptist Church, Salisbury, NC
  13.  St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Salisbury, NC [B]
  14.  St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Salisbury, NC
  15.  Christ Episcopal Church, Clevelan, NC
  16.  Interior of a church
  17.  Macadamized Road near Salisbury, NC (shows boy in middle of road) [B]
  18.  Cotton Plantation, Salisbury NC (Cotton field with farmhouse) [B?]
  19.  Community Building, Salisbury NC (old Courthouse)
  20.  United States Post Office, Salisbury, NC
  21.  Rowan County Courthouse
  22.  Rowan County Courthouse
  23.  Salisbury Graded School, First Grade planting in garden [B]
  24.  Confederate Memorial, Salisbury NC
  25.  U.S. National Cemetery, Salisbury NC
  26.  Maine Monument, U.S. National Cemetery Salisbury, NC
  27.  Maine Street Salisbury North Carolina, looking East (shows trolley) [B?]
  28.  Railroad Station, Salisbury NC [B]
  29.  North From Grubb Building showing Sanatarium, Salisbury NC [B]
  30.  Main Street Salisbury, NC (Empire Hotel, horses and buggies) [B]
  31.  Vance Cotton Mill, Salisbury NC [B]
  32.  St. John's Mill near Indian Trading Ford, Six miles east of Salisbury, NC [B]
  33.  South River Bridge, Salisbury NC [B]
  34.  South River Dam Salisbury NC [B]
  35.  Narrows of the Yadkin, Salisbury NC [B]
  36.  On the banks of the Yadkin, near Salisbury, NC (shows men with canoe) [B]
  37.  Joe Ballard (with ox and wagon) [B]
  38.  Joe Ballard (blacksmith, politician, and philosopher now 84 years old) [B]
  39.  Office and hoist of the Gold Hill Copper Co., Gold Hill, NC [B]
  40.  Chilian Drag Mill and Rockers , Gold Hill, NC [B]
  41.  Hoist and office of Gold Hill Copper Co., Gold Hill, NC [B]
  42.  Old log rocker method of extracting gold, Gold Hill, NC [B]
  43.  Dunn's Mountain, Salisbury, NC [B?]
  44.  Dunn's Mountain, Salisbury, NC [B?]
  45.  Balfour Quarry (pink granite), Granite Quarry, NC
  46.  Bird's Eye View of Granite Quarry, NC
  47.  Old Rock House (Old Stone House, home of Michael Braun) [B]
  48.  Michael Braun graveyard, Granite Quarry, NC [B?]
  49.  Michael Braun house, Granite Quarry, NC
  50.  South Main Street, Granite Quarry, NC (shows depot)
  51.  North Main Street, Granite Quarry NC (shows church)
  52.  Spencer Shops, the stable (shows locomotives) [B]
  53.  Livingstone College, Ballard Industrial Hall, Salisury, NC [B]
  54.  Rowan County Museum (Maxwell Chambers House)
  55.  Cedar of Lebanon in yard of F.J. Murdoch [B]
  56.  Whitehead-Stokes Sanatorium [B]
  57.  "In Salisbury" (a poem)
  58.  Confederate States' Money [B]
  59.  Davis White Sulfur Springs, Hiddenite, NC Scene at Head of Lovers Lane
  60.  Davis White Sulphur Springs, Hotel from Fair View
  61.  Davis White Sulfur Springs, Hiddenite, NC The Hotel From Fairview
  62.  Davis White Sulfur Springs, Hiddenite, NC
  63.  Scenes near Davis White Sulfur Springs, Hiddenite, NC
  64.  Winston-Salem, NC Cedar Avenue
  65.  North Carolina Capitol
  66.  Blowing Rock, NC Yohahlossee Hotel
  67.  Woodrow Wilson and family around the fire
  68.  Crown in Glory Lutheran Church
  69.  How are You? (couple courting)
  70.  Ou [sic] Revoir (couple courting)
  71.  East Ennis Street West Showing Bridge Over the Southern Railroad [B?]
  72.  Trinity Presbyterian Church (Salisbury, NC)
  73.  U.S. National Cemetery, Salisbury [B]
  74.  U.S. National Cemetery, Salisbury [B]