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#9013 Holmes Family Collection

Holmes Family Collection

MSS #9013

June 1995

Abstract: Genealogical materials related to the Holmes family of Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, and Missouri compiled by George Holmes Langford, Jr. of Harrisonburg, Va. There is also information on the related lines of Blackwood, Gilbert, and Patrick. Unrelated familial lines having information include Barrow, Caul, Krider, and Wood. Includes family group sheets, pedigree charts, marriage records, and research notes from numerous published sources.

Online catalog terms:

Barrow family

Blackwood family

Caul family

Gilbert family

Holmes family

Krider family

Langford, George Holmes, Jr.

Patrick family

Wood family

Size: Approximately two linear feet.


Gift of George Holmes Langford, Jr.

1044 Chestnut Dr.

Harrisonburg, Va 22801

May, 1978

Access: No restriction.

Copyright: Retained by the authors of items in these papers, or their descendants, as stipulated by United States copyright law. Introduction

Beginning in the 1930s, George Holmes Langford, Jr. researched the ancestry of his mother, Sydne Holmes Langford, finally finding his "brick wall" in a John Holmes (1765-1847) of Georgia. More than forty years passed, and the elusive John Holmes was never definitely located. The quest for this slippery ancestor led Langford to fill ten spiral notebooks of research notes, correspondence, photocopies of records, and various genealogical materials. The "fruitless" search left a dedicated descendant with what he described as a "Data Bank" of Holmes information.

The Holmes Family Collection, when processed by Rowan Public Library's History Room, consisted of nine spiral notebooks, and two folders of additional information. The compiler, George Holmes Langford, Jr. had devised his own arrangement system and had numbered each individual page in the notebooks. The Library has maintained his system. The index to his "Data Bank," he titled H-1. It is one sheet of paper that lists the holdings of the various notebooks.

Volume number Families Page numbers No. of pages

H-1 Index to Holmes Data Bank 1 1

H-2 Gilbert family only 1-58 58 Holmes family only 1-252 252

H-3 Holmes family only 253-462 183

H-4 Holmes family only 463-686A 224

H-5 Holmes family only 687-888 201

H-6 Holmes family only 889-1126 237

H-7 Holmes family only 1127-1207 80

H-8 Holmes Clans of Va, NC, SC, KY, & MO, not related to my own Holmes line 250

H-9 Various families not related to my own Holmes line 113

H-10 Blackwood family of NC 1-64 64 Patrick family of NC 1-113 113

Series Descriptions

Series I. Holmes Family "Data Bank"


Arrangement: familial

Correspondence, research notes, and various genealogical information arranged by surname and within surname, largely but not exclusively by source. The original, spiral bound notebooks were dismanted, but the contents were kept in the original order. Most volumes were split into several folders. Folder 21 (V. H-9) holds the unrelated lines of Barrow, Brooke, Buller, Burnham, Busey, Carr, Caul, Chittam, Cooney, Elker, Giles, Henry, Krider, Madera, Morrison, Poindexter, and Wood. Folder 22 (V. H-10) contains the Patrick and Blackwood families of North Carolina.

Folder List:

Box 1

Folder 1. V. H-1

Folder 2. V. H-2 #1

Folder 3. V. H-2 #2

Folder 4. V. H-2 #3

Folder 5. V. H-2 #4

Folder 6. V. H-3 #1

Folder 7. V. H-3 #2

Folder 8. V. H-3 # 3

Folder 9. V. H-4 #1

Folder 10. V. H-4 #2

Folder 11. V. H-4 #3

Box 2

Folder 12. V. H-5 #1

Folder 13. V. H-5 #2

Folder 14. V. H-5 #3

Folder 15. V. H-6 #1

Folder 16. V. H-6 #2

Folder 17. V. H-7 #1

Folder 18. V. H-8 #1

Folder 19. V. H-8 #2

Folder 20. V. H-8 #3 Box 3

Folder 21. V. H-9 # 1

Folder 22. V. H-10# 1

Series II. Non "Data Bank" items


Arrangement: familial

Holmes family research conducted by Tracey Holmes of Herndon, Va., and genealogical materials related to the Holmes family of Davidson County.

Folder List:

Box 3

Folder 5. Tracey Holmes research

Folder 6. Holmes of Davidson County