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Surname Index

At her death in 1954, the research papers of Mrs. Mary Louisa Gaskill "Mamie" McCubbins, were acquired by the Rowan Public Library. Over the years, the McCubbins files have proved invaluable in genealogical researching. In 2005, Jo White Linn, a well known genealogical researcher passed away and at her death left her research to the History Room as well. Other generous researchers and staff have also accumulated additional information about the history of the families of Rowan County as well as history concerning buildings, houses, time periods and important people of Rowan. All these files are available as vertical files in the History Room.

The surname index is intended to indicate whether or not a surname file exists for the name (or topic) being searched.  A search of the database will indicate how many files of each type, McCUB – for Mrs. McCubbins research; LINN for Jo White Linn's research; and AUX for auxiliary files, are located in the collection. The Linn (LINN) files and the Auxiliary (AUX) files are not currently available online.  To search the Surname Index, please click on the link below and use CTRL-F to search specific names or topics.  Most files are for surnames only and do not usually include first names.  The surname folders are cross-referenced and searching the index may indicate other folders which the user may want to investigate.

The Rowan Public Library has published the files of Mrs. McCubbins on their website.  The files are available as PDFs and can be searched by surname - MCCUBBINS INDEX.