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#9723 Dukeville P.T.A. Minutes

Dukeville P.T.A. Minutes

MSS #9723

October, 1997

Abstract: Minutes of the Dukeville School P.T.A. of Rowan County, NC (1930-1940), including the minutes of the founding meeting.

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Dukeville School

Dukeville P.T.A.

P.T.A.--Rowan County (NC)--History

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Provenance: Gift of: Ted Barnes
405 WillowCreek Dr.
Salisbury, NC 28146

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This collection consists of one ledger-style minute book containing the constitution and minutes of the Dukeville School Parent Teacher's Association dating from the founding meeting in September of 1930 though the May 6, 1940 meeting. The Dukeville School existed as a part of a small village maintained by the Duke Power Company's first powdered fuel plant, the Buck Steam Plant, which was located in Rowan County, NC. This community began as a "construction village" of tarpaper shacks and a mess hall. In the 1920s, once the station had been built, a group of homes went up across the creek from the construction village. At its height, Dukeville could claim 86 four, five, and six-room houses, a bull pen (or dormitory) for single workers, and a separate section of town known as "Shantytown" where the African American workers lived.

The Dukeville School ceased to be used by Rowan County following the 1965-66 school year. The school building and grounds were purchased by Grove Supply in 1972.

The minutes of the meetings note officers, commitees, and various presentations made before the association. For example, the Oct. 13, 1930 meeting opened with prayer and devotions, a third grader welcomed the audience, seventh graders sang the school song and performed the school yell, "Miss Kuhn" told the story of "The Man Without a Country," Mr. Peacock of Spencer provided the entertainment with his "talking dolls," and Mr. Rosemond of Spencer who performed a few slight of hand tricks. The program ended with a "blowing contest." ["Miss Kuhn taught us how we might blow for Dukeville and our P.T.A."] Other meetings featured programs such as an operetta, "While the Chimes Rang," a speech from the superintendent of schools on "How Mothers and Teachers Should Cooperate Together," and a springtime play, "The Awakening." Membership lists may also be found in the minute book.