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#9010 Rowan-Davie Medical Auxiliary Collection

Rowan-Davie Medical Auxiliary Collection

MSS #9010

September 1995

Abstract: Scrapbooks and miscellaneous materials relating to the Rowan-Davie Medical Auxiliary. Also biographical information regarding Rowan-Davie medical doctors gathered by the auxiliary for Rowan and Davie Counties: Story of Medicine, 1753-1976.

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Medical Doctors--biographical information

Medicine--North Carolina--Davie County

Medicine--North Carolina--Rowan County

Rowan Davie Medical Auxiliary

Size: Approximately one linear foot.

Provenance: Mrs. Irene Field. A portion was given before 1995; the biographical information was received in the Spring of 1995.

Access: Scrapbooks may be used with staff permission only.

Copyright: Retained by the authors of items in these papers, or their descendants, as stipulated by United States copyright law.


The Rowan Davie Medical Auxiliary was organized on November 4, 1948. Mrs. B. Lewis (Irene) Field was the first president. Composed of the wives of medical doctors in Rowan and Davie Counties, North Carolina, the Auxiliary met nine times a year in its early days (the second Thursday of each month from September until May). The object of the organization (circa 1967) was "to interpret the aims of the medical profession to other organizations interested in the promotion of health education; to assist in the entertainment at the meetings of the Medical Society of Rowan-Davie County; to promote friendliness among the families of the medical profession; and to do such work as may be approved from time to time by the advisory committee appointed by the Medical Society of Rowan-Davie County." The Auxiliary kept its calendar filled with various charitable and social projects. For example, the annual projects recorded by the organization in 1949-1950 were "to fight against Socialized Medicine and yet not jeopardize our husbands' ethical standing," to contribute to the state tuberculosis beds, to hold a Christmas party for their husbands, and a dinner for their husbands and non-member doctors' wives and their husbands. The Auxiliary also planned to hold a pie and cake sale to raise money for other projects. Over the years, this group of women served as hostesses for Rowan Hospital's Nursing School capping exercises, raised funds for educational scholarships to aid the children of physicians, sponsored Doctors' Day observances in the area hospitals, helped with the establishment and support of the Whitehead-McKenzie Medical Library at Rowan Memorial Hospital, and supported anti-child abuse and drug prevention programs. The Auxiliary also held various social events for the members and their husbands. In 1976, the Auxiliary published a history of medicine in Davie and Rowan Counties, Rowan and Davie Counties: Story Medicine, 1753-1976. As a part of this work, the Auxiliary collected biographical information on the area doctors. These biographical information sheets are included in this collection.

Series I. Biographical Information 1960-1976

Arrangement: Alphabetical Biographical information concerning physicians in Rowan and Davie Counties including birthplace, high school and college attended, parents, spouse, honors, type of medical practice, church affiliation, sports and hobbies, etc. Most of the information sheets concern medical doctors who were in practice in Rowan and Davie Counties in the 1970s. Included are some newspaper clippings about area doctors.

Folder List:

Box 1.

Folder 1. Abella-Austin

Folder 2. Bachl-Bertram

Folder 3. Bingham-Brooks

Folder 4. Brown-Byerly

Folder 5. Cain-Chenault

Folder 6. Christian-Coleman

Folder 7. Connaughton-Cunningham

Folder 8. Dameron-Dreher

Folder 9. Eagle-Ezell

Folder 10. Farrington-Fitzgerald

Folder 11. Fleming-Fritz

Folder 12. Gainor-Griffith

Folder 13. Hackeriede-Hart

Folder 14. Hartness

Folder 15. Hinson-Hughes

Folder 16. Jackson-Justin

Box 2.

Folder 17. Kalberlahn-Kesler

Folder 18. Ketchie-Kluttz

Folder 19. Koontz-Krider

Folder 20. Lafferty-Lombard

Folder 21. Long-Lynn

Folder 22. Maddux-Maxwell

Folder 23. McAfee-Minwalla

Folder 24. Mock-Murphy

Folder 25. Namery-Nye

Folder 26. Oglethorpe-Overton

Folder 27. Parada-Pruett

Folder 28. Ramsair-Reynolds

Folder 29.Rice-Rozelle

Folder 30. Satterwhite-Shimpock

Folder 31. Shingleton-Sifford

Folder 32. Smith-Spicer

Folder 33. Steele-Summerell

Folder 34. Tannehill-Trent

Box 3

Folder 35. Van Poole-Veltman

Folder 36. Walsh-West

Folder 37. Wheeler-Williams

Folder 38. Wilson-Wright

Folder 39. Young

Series III. Subject and Miscellaneous Files 1970s

Arrangement: Alphabetical by subject. Primarily newspaper articles, these few, scattered materials represent a variety of subjects. Among these subjects are African American doctors, medicare, the medical lottery proposed by Dr. Ed McKenzie, and Rowan Memorial Hospital.

Folder List

Folder 40. African American Doctors

Folder 41. Davie County

Folder 42. Doctors General

Folder 43. Malpractice Suit (Pegram Vs, Dr.s Busby and Agner)

Folder 44. Medical Auxiliary Functions

Folder 45. Medical Auxiliary Presidents' Reports

Folder 46. Medical History

Folder 47. Medical Lottery Materials

Folder 48. Medicare

Folder 49. Mental Health

Folder 50. New Physicians

Folder 51. Rowan County Clinics

Folder 52. Rowan County Medical Society

Folder 53. Rowan Memorial Hospital--Annual Reports

Folder 54. Rowan Memorial Hospital #1

Folder 55. Rowan Memorial Hospital #2

Folder 56. Miscellaneous

Series I. Scrapbooks: approximately 1948-1986

Arrangement: Chronological. Scrapbooks created and maintained by the Rowan-Davie Medical Auxiliary. These eight scrapbooks contain the list of officers, projects carried out during each year, and newsclippings of club activities as well as activities of individual members and their families in the community. Some projects that receive a good bit of notice in the scrapbooks include annual Doctors' Day Observances, the dedication of the Whitehead McKenzie Memorial Library at Rowan Memorial Hospital (1959), the luring of the National Sportswriters and Sportscaster's Banquet to Salisbury, NC by Physician Ed McKenzie (1960-61), and the opening of the Area Health Education Center in Salisbury (1976-78). Most of the scrapbooks are divided into four parts: "Auxiliary Activities," "Auxiliary Members in the Community," "Our Doctor-Husbands as Good Citizens," and "Our Progeny Do Their Part."

Folder List:

Box 4.

Scrapbook 1. 1949-1959

Scrapbook 2. 1960-1961

Box 5.

Scrapbook 3. 1961-1962

Box 6.

Scrapbook 3. 1966-1968

Box 7.

Scrapbook 4. 1963-1966; 1969-1970

Box 8.

Scrapbook 5. 1976-1980

Scrapbook 6. 1979-1980

Box 9.

Scrapbook 7. 1984-1985

Box 10.

Scrapbook 8. 1985-1986