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#9022 Isaac Shelby of Kentucky Scrapbook

Isaac Shelby of Kentucky Scrapbook

MSS #9022

September 1995

Abstract: A scrapbook containing approximately 20 newspaper clippings regarding Isaac Shelby of Kentucky and other items of Kentucky historical interest.

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Shelby family

Shelby, Isaac

Size: Less than one linear foot.

Provenance: Unknown. Received prior to 1995.

Access: Scrapbook may be used with staff permission only.

Copyright: Retained by the authors of items in these papers, or their descendants, as stipulated by United States copyright law. Introduction

This collection is comprised of one notebook holding approximately twenty newspaper clippings regarding Governor Isaac Shelby and Kentucky history. The clippings are not dated and the newspaper of origin is unknown. The creator of the scrapbook is equally as mysterious, although he or she was the great-grandchild of Isaac Shelby. Most of the clippings are pasted to the scrapbook pages; a few are loose and appear to have never been attached.

Due to preservation concerns, the articles have been photocopied. Researchers are requested to use only these reproductions that are stored with the original.

Series I.


approximately 1900-1915

Arrangement: Original

Scrapbook containing approximately twenty articles regarding Governor Isaac Shelby and Kentucky history. Titles of some articles include:

Kentucky State Historical Society Has Interesting Exhibit

First White House Wedding

The State of Kentucky (by Frederic J. Haskin, dated May 1907)

Quaint War Record Shows How Kentuckians Answered 1812 Call

Bust of Governor Shelby Presented (dated 1911)

Isaac Shelby: First Governor of Kentucky

Gen. Evan Shelby

Order of the Czar: Largest Russian Railroad built by Americans (dated 1896 with railroad worker, Ross Winan's name underlined)

Travelers' Rest, Old Home of Isaac Shelby, First Governor of Kentucky

The Battle of King's Mountain

About Notable Americans (by Frederic J. Haskin)

Isaac Shelby: Historical Facts About the First Governor of Kentucky (dated Oct. 8, 1909)

The Winning of the West (dated 1910)

Lost State of Franklin