September 15, 1917 Letter



[Fort Caswell, NC From James Frank (J.F.) Jordan to Georgia Jordan Letter describing training camp at Fort Caswell, N.C.]


Fort Caswell N.C.

Sep 15/1917

Dear Mother I will write a few lines to let you know that I am well and I am getting along fine. I am sending a check for $25.00. I want you to take $15.00 and tell Dave to pay Charlie Wagner what I ow him and to stretch the other as far as it will go and I want him to find out


I ow Jones and let me know at once. I drawed 42.20 pay day. We got paid Tuesday. I never saw so much money in all my life as I did pay day. I have got $15.00 in the Bank but I think I will lend it before pay day. Some of the boys went broke pay day night. Tell rock Ralir Hellah for me tell him that I will


write to him in a few days. tell John Brown that I cant see why in the D he can't write to me for he knows that I would rather take a dose of salty than to write but I will answer his any way. Tell all of the girls that I want them to write to me. Tell Aunt Sallie to write me.


Well I guess I will yet be furlaw about Christmas. I guess I will close for this time am soo from your son J.F.J. this is my mark that I put on my shirts and pants


Jordan, James Frank (J.F.)

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