A work crew laying Durax paving stones at 110 Wallabout Place, Brooklyn, New York in October of 1917. This location is in close proximity to the Brooklyn Naval Yard.

Located in Wallabout Bay, off the East River, the Brooklyn Naval Yard was established in 1801 by order of President John Adams. Many famous ships were built and launched from these docks, including the USS Maine and the USS Arizona. 

At the time this image was taken, future U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt was serving as Assistant Secretary of the Navy.  Click here to read an interesting article about digitization and how FDR was discovered in an old photo taken at the Brooklyn Naval Yard.

The Naval Yard was officially closed in 1966.  Today, the area is being redeveloped.

In the background of the image, boats can be seen and a sign on a factory building that reads "Scranton & Lehigh Coal Co."  While the precise location of the view has not been determined, a Google map showing the Naval Yard area is below.

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Cathy Kirchin


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