Large paving stones are being set on Poydras Street in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Poydras Street is the central corridor of the New Orleans business district.  Familiar landmarks such as the Superdome and the French Quarter are just minutes away.

The 1920 New Orleans city directory helps us place this image in the 800 block of Poydras.

The largest sign in the slide is for Books. Gustave A. Reuter is listed in the city directory as a bookseller at 823 Poydras. Perhaps the Reuters lived above the shop, because (Gus' sister) a Miss Mathilda Reuter's residence is listed as 823 Poydras as well.

Otto A. Levy's Dry Goods store was located at 825 Poydras. Could the dapper gentleman out front be Otto himself?

Can you make out the barber poles?  They could be marking the location where Andrew Darrigo works (821 Poydras).  According to the 1920 Federal Census, Andrew (a barber by trade) was born in Italy in 1873 and immigrated to the U.S. in 1893. 

Google Street View of the same location. 

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The only building recognizable in the current view is the Drury Inn & Suites on the right at 820 Poydras.  The light fixtures on the front of the building have changed, but their location is the same.  For a history of the building, click here.





Cathy Kirchin


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