Asa Ribelin's Copy Book



[A page from an book of passages to be copied by the students to teach them penmanship as well as morals and ethics.(Rowan Public Library, Edith M. Clark History Room)]

Virtue and native honor, are above Fortune;=man kind;
Virtue is the chiefest beauty of the mind, The noblest ornament of hu=
Virtue is the safeguard & guiding star, That stirs up reason when the=
Various scenes of great ills, is for Some designs to fulfil's.,=sences err;
Void of a rich estate, The poor man sets in lifes gate.,
Vengeance rules & reigns, Where Satan groans with his chains.,
Various beings are seen, Playing along the valley that is green.,
Wealth marketh many friends, but the poor are forgotten;=by god
We are oftentimes deceived by false appearences;=will to preser =him;
We cannot lose a friend in a more honorable way, Than in seeking=
We may judge of people's motives by their Actions;
Well bred people do not always eat wheat bread;=by in each=
Welcome should be the brave, Who fought their homes to save;=day
We look to the east & see the sun rise, so then, naturally he goes from east to west but not real=
We may call riches a golden trouble; and say the sciences are a glo=
We may do nothing against the truth but for the truth;=rious bu
We should cherish sentiments of charity towards all Men;
Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well;
Whatever is wrong, is a deviation from right;
What eye hath not seen & ears hath not heard is inexpressible;
What a feeble piece; Is this our mortal frame, Our life, how poor=
=a trifle it is, That scarce deserves the name;=day of rest;
What is the life this, ths active guest, Which robs our the peaceful =
What was mean, when made at first, Adam, the offspring was made of the+
When House & lands & money is all spent, Then ago..dust;


Ribelin, Asa

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