Asa Ribelin's Working Contract



[Contract for employment at the Casper Holtshouser School House, Salisbury, North Carolina. (Asa Ribelin Papers, Rowan Public Library, Edith M. Clark History Room)]

Articles of an English School of four Months, in consideration by the undersigned employers to Asa Ribelin's trust, as teacher, counting eighty eight days, to be taught by him in the common customary way, and Rules of teaching, in Casper Holtshouser School House, And at the expiration of the above time we the undersigned employers promise to pay Asa Ribelin sixty five Cents a Month per scholar subscribed, with an open school, may commence August the and continue three or four weeks & then discontinue two or three weeks then commencing again & continuing until out, Whereof we have each of us hereunto set our names and number of Scholars, August the 12th. 1837


Ribelin, Asa


August 12, 1837

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Ribelin, Asa, “Asa Ribelin's Working Contract,” Edith Clark History Room, accessed July 6, 2022,

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