March 15, 1918 Letter



[Fort Caswell, NC Letter to James Frank (J.F.) Jordan's Grandmother, March 5, 1918 Letter discussing the war, home and sausage.]


Ft. J. Caswell NC

Mar 5 1918

Dear Grand Mother
I guess you will be supprised to here from me. I got a letter from Dave the other day and he said that he had been out to your house and he said that you gave him some sausage and a chicken. Mamma cooled the chicken and some sausage and sent me some it was sure fine that was the best sausage that I have had in a long time. I have been sick for about two weeks with a cold but I am some better. I have got bad teeth to. I had one jaw tooth pulled out it


won't bother me anymore I know. Well Grand mother I don't guess that John will have to go to war. I hope not any way. I guess you are glad and I but he is to. I have been told that the fellows that are conscripted catch the dickens. We are working pretty hard now. We haft to drill 2 hours in the morning on the 12 in mortarr and 3 hours in the eavening and we also have physical exercise about one hour before breakfast and believe me we can eat any thing most. We are getting fed pretty good now. I sleep next to Rosco Page he sure is a good boy.


How is John and his girl getting along or has he got one. Tell John to write to me I am always glad to here from my home folks. I got a letter from Floyd Jordan last week and he said that he was thinking of moving to Salisbury. He lives in Lexington now. Grand ma I don't know when we will go across to France but I don't think that it will be soon though I thought Xmas that we wouldn't be here a month but things have been changed a lot. Well I haven't got any thing much to write about much so I will close.
From your son JF Jordan
address over


Fort Caswell N.C.
4th Co. C.A. C.O.


Jordan, James Frank (J.F.)

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