Asa Ribelin's Word Problems



[A page of math problems for the students to solve with a vocabulary word added at the bottom. (Asa Ribelin Papers, Rowan Public Library, Edith M. Clark History Room)]

What is the Interest on a Note dated July 4th 1830 & paid November the 25th 1837= at 6 percent per annum for $367. H had read 120 pages in one week, 213 in an other, 75 in an other, 82 in an other 301 in an other, & 76 in an other, Now H said he had read in these six weeks 867 pages & I said he had read but 767 but how many had he read; How many coats can be made of 39 1/2 yds cloth allowing 13 3/4 yds to each coat; How many times will a Carriage wheel 15 1/4 feet in circumference turn round in going from Boston to Hartford a distance of 96 miles Ans. 33238 6/183

It is supposed the wars of Bonaparte in 20 years caused the death of 2,000,000 persons, How many was this per hour calling the year 365 days 6 hours Ans. 11 71480/175320; A rich Man had 4 vilages Every vilage 4 streets, every street 40 houses Every house 6 rooms. every room 3 Beaureaus Every Bureau 20 drawers in Every drawer was 4 purses of gold each purse Contained 200 guineas I demand how many pound shillings pence & farthings are in all one guinea is 1 pound 1 shilling; Ans. in farthings 185794560000; Ans. in pence= 46448640000; Ans. in shillings 3870720000; Ans. in pounds 193536000; Instruction & good Education is a useful portion;} one good action is worth many good thouths; Slight no one for all stand in need of help;} Great & furious haste make a great and destructive waste; What does poor feeble man know;

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Astrology is the meaning of the practice of foretelling things by the knowledge of the stars


Ribelin, Asa

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