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Held on the SS Minneapolis

It was on the SS Minneapolis that Archibald Henderson met Mark Twain, aboard to participate in the "concert" held to raise funds for The Seaman's Orphanage. This program featured Twain reading from his autobiography, as well as numerous other individuals performing songs and readings. The contents of the program, as well as the back page, are included below.

Mark Twain was scheduled to come last in the program, reading from his autobiography listed as his personal contribution to the "concerte" to raise money for the Seaman's Orphange. Notice on the full size image that above Twain's reading exercise, "Mark Twain" postal cards were being auctioned off as well.

National songs for both the United Kingdom and America are printed on the back of the program.

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“Programme of Concert,” Edith Clark History Room, accessed December 4, 2022,

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