May 7, 1900 Letter



[Letters of Jim Smith to Miss Delia S. Smith, his sister Jim Smith (b. 1835) was related to Georgia Jordan through her grandmother, Margaret Gibson and Margaret's first husband. Margaret remarried, and by her second husband had four children, including Jim and Delia. This letter is from Jim Smith to Delia Smith, March 5, 1900, and describes the difficulties Jim has dealt with, including the deaths of his wife and children.]

Trimble, Tenn
May 7, 1900
Miss D.S. Smith
Dear Sister Your letter received pleasantly. Well I have sold all my household good my residence __ above - sold my stock of drugs; we'll not sell my farm and Hotel as the rents (?) are good. This time next week (?) will find me gone from here I guess. Do not know just where I shall go but West - I think is best - for me in the mountains.

Probably in the Ozark Mountain region somewhere. I may stay in Chicago a couple of months at a Post Graduate Medical College. Will take the children with me there of course. Well you had a tone in your letter I did not like. you agreed for me to sell the place and also expressed a desire to come and live with me but now you think I treated you wrong by selling the place. Now I can not afford to buy you a home but as long as I have a home you shall be welcome to share it. When I shall settle again I can't say now but of course soon I think. As to my marrying again as Pa [end of letter]


Smith, Jim


May 7, 1900

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