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The Back Shop structure was built in 1905 and served as the major overhaul facility for steam locomotives where they were disassembled with the aid of a crane.  Parts were re-machined on Lathes and milling machines before the locomotives were…

The Southern Railway chose a location midway between Burlington and Charlotte for its shops in 1896.  By 1920, as many as 250 cars daily were handled in the transfer shed and as many as 2,500 people were employed there making it Southern’s largest…

This front view of the depot was a popular postcard, obviously from a drawing rather than a photograph.  No series, no number.WVNC RAILS - Lost Salisbury 

The Southern Railroad Depot in Salisbury, built in 1907, was designed by noted architect Frank Milburn and is considered an outstanding example of Spanish mission-style architecture. The building spans the length of two city blocks with a dark red…

In the Blue Ridge Mountains between Old Fort and Ridgecrest, North Carolina, there are seven tunnels, including McElroy and High Ridge.  These tunnels are part of the Carolina Division of Southern Railway. Pub. by Theo Buerbaum, Salisbury,…

A Salisbury Evening Post newspaper clipping dated September 4, 1972 proclaims Rowan County is 60,000 pounds lighter as a slab of pink granite is transported by rail to Hartford, Connecticut.

Cabinet photo showing six men dressed up and posing with a large granite column that has been loaded on a Southern rail car for transport.
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