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Catesby Volume I: The Pigeon Hawk

Mark Catesby's
Description of the Pigeon Hawk

The Pigeon-Hawk
It weighs six ounces: the Bill at the point black, at the basis whitish; the Iris of the eye yellow: the Basis of the upper mandible is cover'd with a yellow Sear: all the upper part of the Body, Wings and Tail is brown: the interior vanes of the quill-feathers have large red spots: the Tail is transversly marked with four white lines; the Throat, Breast, and Belly white, intermix'd with brown feathers; the small feathers that cover the thighs, reach within half an inch of the feet, and are white, with a tincture of red, beset with long spots of brown; the Legs and Feet yellow. It is a very swift and bold Hawk, preying on Pigeons and wild Turkeys while they are young.