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Mamie McCubbins Collection


In 1954, the research papers of Mrs. Mamie (Mary Louisa) Gaskill McCubbins were acquired by the Rowan Public Library. Over the years, her research…

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Georgia Jordan Papers


Georgia Irene Watson Jordan (pronounced "Jerdin") was born in 1865 and died in Salisbury, NC in 1941. She was buried in Salisbury's Chestnut Hill…

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Dr. McCorkle's Sermon

Reverend Samuel Eusebius McCorkle (1746-1811), was a Presbyterian minister and an educator. McCorkle was called to pastor Thyatira Church in Rowan, NC…

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Asa Ribelin Papers


Asa Ribelin was an ethnic German school teacher living in Rowan County in the 19th Century. He was employed by parents in the 1830's as the first…

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Butner Maps of Salisbury


In 2012, the Butner family gave the library a copy of a Salisbury City map. Mac Butner’s mother, who operated an antiques shop at 1428 N. Main…

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