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The National Cemetery

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Bibliography - The National Cemetery

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United States Quartermaster’s Department. Roll of Honor (No. XIV): Names of Soldiers Who In the Defense of the American Union Suffered Martrydom in the Prison Pens Throughout the South. Washington: Government Printing Office, 1868.  
    A typescript copy of the Union soldiers who were buried outside of the Salisbury Confederate Prison. These gravesites eventually became the Salisbury National Cemetery.

Walker, James D. Pennsylvania at Salisbury, North Carolina: Ceremonies at the Dedication of the Memorial Erected by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in the National Cemetery at Salisbury, North Carolina. Philadelphia[?]: C. E. Aughinbaugh, 1912.  
    A commemorative book holding the announcement inviting all former POWs from Pennsylvania who were held at Salisbury, to attend the dedication ceremony of the Pennsylvania Memorial, newspaper accounts of the dedication ceremony, the prayer, introductions and speeches delivered, as well as a listing of the guests present during the ceremony.

Report of the Maine Commissioners on the Monument Erected at Salisbury, N.C. Waterville [ME?]: Sentinel Publishing Company, 1908.  
    A photocopy of the commemorative booklet created for the dedication of the Maine memorial including the state law creating the Maine Memorial Commission, the report of the commission, and speeches, prayers and songs delivered at the dedication ceremony. Also included is a listing of the 203 Maine men who died in Salisbury.

Flint, Patsy.  Salisbury Confederate Prison and National Cemetery Driving Tour. Salisbury, NC: Historic Salisbury Foundation, 1988.
    A booklet designed to accompany an audiocassette tape, which describes the site of the prison and national cemetery. Included in the booklet is an overview of the prison, a brief look at Stoneman’s raid into Salisbury, and a map of the supposed boundaries of the prison.

Mack, Oscar. "Report of Inspection of National Cemeteries, 1870-71." Executive Document #79, 42nd Congress Second Session. Reported and Ordered Printed May 17, 1872. Washington, DC: National Archives.  
    A copy of this report may be found in the Louis Brown Collection, Rowan Public Library.

*Quartermaster General. Statement of The Disposition of the Bodies of Deceased Union Soldiers and Prisoners of War Whose Remains Have Been Removed to National Cemeteries in the Southern and Western States. Washington: Government Printing Office, 1898.

*Quartermaster General. Annual Report of the Quartermaster General To the Secretary of War for the Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 1875. Washington: Government Printing Office

A Pilgrimage to the Shrines of Patriotism Being the Report of the Commission to Dedicate the Monument Erected by the State of New York in Andersonville, Georgia, to Commemorate the Heroism, Sacrifices, and Patriotism of More than Nine Thousand of Her Sons Who Were Confined in that Prison with an Account of Services of the New York Resident Surviving Andersonville Veterans Held Thereat and Also En Route at Richmond and Danville, Virginia, Salisbury, North Carolina and Lookout Mountain, Tennessee, April 26-30, 1914. Albany: J.B. Lyon Company, 1916.
What appears to be a photocopy of the pages from this work that pertain to Salisbury is available in the Salisbury Federal Prison Files of the McCubbins Collection, Rowan Public Library.

*Designates materials NOT owned by Rowan Public Library