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Andrews, Sidney. The South Since the War. Boston, 1866.
Contains articles written about the Salisbury Prison for the Chicago Tribune and the Boston Advertiser, which appeared September 29, 1865.

Barrett, John G. Civil War in North Carolina, Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1963. 

Ferguson, Joseph. Life Struggles in Rebel Prisons: A Record of Sufferings, Escapes, Adventures and Starvation of Union Prisoners. Philadelphia: J. M. Ferguson, 1865. 

*Dowling, Morgan B. History of Southern Prisons: or Josie the Heroine of Florence, Four Years of Battle and Imprisonment, Richmond, Atlanta, Belle Island, Andersonville and Florence: A Complete History of All Southern Prisons. Detroit: W. Graham, 1870.

*Hesseltine, W. B. Civil War Prisons. Columbus: Ohio State University Press, 1930.

*Isham, Asa B., Henry M. Davidson, and Henry B. Furness. Prisoners of War and Military Prisons, Personal Narratives of Experience in the Prisons of Richmond, Danville, Macon, Andersonville, Savannah, Charleston, and Columbia with a General Account of Prison life in the South during the War of the Rebellion, Including Statistical Information Pertaining to Prisoners of War, Together with a List of Officers who were prisoners of War from January 1, 1864. Cincinnati: Lyman and Cushing, 1890.

Jones, William J. Confederate View of Treatment of Prisoners. Southern Historical Society, 1876.

Kelsey, D. M. Deeds of Daring By the American Soldier, North and South. Chicago: The Werner Company, 1897.
    This work’s chapter 55 entitled, “Capture and Flight of the Correspondents” is a retelling of the escape of newspaperman A. D. Richardson. There is an image of the main building of the Salisbury Prison on page 606. It obviously was based upon the June, 1862 Harper’s Weekly image.

Van Noppen, Ina Woestemeyer. Stoneman's Last Raid. Raleigh: North Carolina Print Shop, 1961.

Bollet, Alfred Jay. "Causes of Diseases and Death in Prison Camps During the Civil War." Resident and 
Staff Physician, 38(July 1992).

Strong, William W., ed. History of the 121st Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers: An Account from the 
Ranks. Philadelphia: Catholic Standard and Times, 1906.

Athey, Lou. “Loyalty and Civil Liberty in Fayette County during the Civil War. West Virginia History, 55(1996):1-24.
In illustrating the conflicts between Unionists and Confederates in one West Virginia County, Athey tells the story of James B. Hamilton who was incarcerated at the Salisbury Prison. He subsequently died in Salisbury.  

The Prison Exchange. Salisbury, NC: Salisbury Confederate Prison Association, Inc, 2000.
    The newsletter for the Salisbury Confederate Prison Association, Inc. Begins with Volume 1, 2000.

*Designates materials NOT owned by Rowan Public Library