There is some faint writing on this slide that tells us this is a view of New York at Worth Street.  The photo is not dated but is probably close to 1917.

The street is very busy with horses and wagons, as well as a few automobiles and at least one bicyclist visible.  The tall building in the center background is the Manhattan Municipal Building which was built in 1914 and is still standing.

Several advertisements are visible.  One for Charles Hobbs & Co., paper and twine manufacturers located at 36 Bleeker Street and one touting the New York Edison Company.

A few interesting items to note:  There is an Evening Sun newspaper cart on the very left foreground of the photo.  The sign on the side indicates news in or about Marlin, Savannah, and Daytona.

There are also subway entrances on both sides of the street.

Unfortunately, this whole area was changed drastically during the years of urban renewal.


Google Street View of the same location. 

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Cathy Kirchin


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