According to the label on the slide, this is a view of Gorham Street in Lowell, Massachusetts.  The slide was taken to record that the street was paved 7 grade and laid in 1912.

Sadly, most of the buildings that are in the view no longer exist.  Those include the St. Peter's (Roman Catholic) Church (built 1900/demolished 1996) and the entire block of buildings on the right.  The structures on the left have fared better.  Those include St. John's Episcopal Church in the foreground and Middlesex County Courthouse in the background.

A large advertisement on the side of a building to the right, which appears to be a pharmacy, promotes a 5 cent cure for fatigue - most assuredly Coca-Cola.

A website with some good history of St. Peter's Church can be found here.

Google Street View of the same location. 

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Cathy Kirchin


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