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Salisbury Red Cross Nurses - Christmas Day 1918.jpg
Salisbury, NC Red Cross Nurses - Christmas Day 1918

Yadkin_Valley_Herald_Fri__Nov_22__1918_ - Rules Govern.jpg
Newspaper Clipping:

Rules Governing Management Flu Yadkin Valley Herald, Salisbury NC Nov 22, 1918

Adopted by the Rowan County Board of Health for Parents, Guardians, Householders and Adults Capable of Transmitting the Disease.


Spanish Influenza 1918.pdf
A summary of Rowan County's battle with the Spanish Flu of 1918.

Narrative for Rowan County  the Spanish Influenza.pdf
A narrative of the Spanish Flu 1918 in Rowan County

Spanish Influenza 1918.pdf
Rowan County & the 1918 Spanish Influenza   Slide 1 & 2. Title & Timeline At the time of the 1918 Influenza Epidemic, the world was still at war. Soldiers returning from overseas were the first to contract the flu and the virus initially…

Spanish Influenza 1918 YouTube Presentation.mp4
A presentation of the Spanish Flu 1918 in Rowan County given by Gretchen Beilfuss Witt and Paul Birkhead
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