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A delivery crew places granite curbing on the street for installation.

A man operates a stone cutting machine.

This is a drawing of a testing machine.

Stone abrasion machine. Slide label reads: "50-100 gram pieces are given 10,000 revolutions in this mach."

This crew, using one of the larger machines, is preparing the surface of a city street for paving.  The city is likely one of the greater cities in the northeastern section of the United States.


Large paving stones are being set on Poydras Street in New Orleans, Louisiana. Poydras Street is the central corridor of the New Orleans business district.  Familiar landmarks such as the Superdome and the French Quarter are just minutes away. The…

A work crew laying Durax paving stones at 110 Wallabout Place, Brooklyn, New York in October of 1917. This location is in close proximity to the Brooklyn Naval Yard. Located in Wallabout Bay, off the East River, the Brooklyn Naval Yard was…
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