Kluttz Maps


Kluttz Maps


Early Landowners of Rowan County, North Carolina


In 1995, James W. “Bill” Kluttz published a set of 6 maps that indicated the earliest land purchases in the area of North Carolina we now identify as Rowan County. While Rowan County in 1753 covered a much greater area than its current acreage, the Kluttz maps feature only the land plats in the area that is currently Rowan. The key map on map 1 indicates the section of Rowan that is demarcated on each of the six parts. These maps are largely based on the work done in 1950 by David Rendleman although Mr. Kluttz included portions in western Rowan that had not been previously incorporated in any plat map studies. For each piece of property, the deed was read by Kluttz and plotted to scale. Listed on the map within the property lines are the deed book and page number of the earliest deed reference as well as the grantor, grantee and date of the sale. Some secondary purchases, if early, are occasionally listed on the plat as well. The maps also indicate the location of towns, major thoroughfares and waterways.

The Kluttz maps are brought to you courtesy of the Genealogical Society of Rowan County which currently holds the copyright to these maps. These maps may not be reproduced without the permission of the Genealogical Society of Rowan County. A set of 6 maps and the index to the map can be purchased through the Genealogical Society for $35.00. Sets are also available for viewing or purchase at the Rowan Public Library History Room. The deed abstracts and deeds on microfilm may also be accessed in the History Room.

Rowan Public Library has digitized the Kluttz Maps as well as the index of early landowners.  Click here to access the index.

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