Catesby Volume II: The Porgy

Mark Catesby's
Description of the Porgy



Rondelitius, Lib. V. Cap. II describes and names his Aurata from the yellow spots between the eyes; and though ours want those spots, we conceive by the general resemblance it may be referred to the same kind, and from the yellow irises of its eyes may deserve that golden name. Rondelitius describes his Aurata with silver eyes, whereas ours are gold-coloured; which is the principal difference between them.

These Fish are commonly twelve and sixteen inches in length, the eyes very large, the irises of a shining gold colour, the back brown, the belly lighter; the end of the upper mandible had one single tooth, the lower mandible having two of the like size; besides many very small ones within the roof of its mouth: one large prickly fin covered the greater part of the back; from behind the gills grow two long fins, one under the abdomen, and another between the anus and the tail; the tail was forked. It is esteemed a good eating Fish; they are plentiful about the Bahama Islands.