Catesby Volume II: The Croker & Squirrel Fish

Mark Catesby's
Description of the the Croker


(Perca marina pinna dorsi divisa)

This figure represents the common size of the Fish, as they are found in most of the rivers in Virginia: but in deeper waters, as in the great bay of Chesapeak, they are taken sometimes three feet in length. It is covered with scales of a reddish umber colour. The iris of the eye of a gold colour: the mouth wide, with rows of very small sharp teeth. It had six fins, one on the middle of the back, of a triangular form; one extending from that to the tail, of a red colour; two behind the gills, and two under the belly. The tail was red and notched. This Fish is tolerable good meat.


Mark Catesby's
Description of the Squirrel Fish


(Perca marina rubra)

These Fish are most commonly of the size of this figure, though some of them grow to four times the bigness. The eye is large, the iris yellow: the mouth rather small, with many small teeth, like those of a Perch. The whole Fish was red; having six fins, one on the back, strengthened with many large pointed bones; behind which and joining to it shoots forth a long pliant sharp-pointed fin: it had also a long fin under the abdomen, with another behind the anus, guarded by a strong sharp bone annexed to it by a thin membrane. This is a good eating Fish.